Why Us ?

IDCC is an established design leader in Qatar focused on delivering market-driven solutions that drive property value and enhance people’s lifestyle through sensible design. We highlight the following key points of differentiation that we believe distinguishes us from the rest:

Best-in-Class, Best-Practice Design SolutionsApplication of proven, world class design teams and design philosophy that builds upon successful, internationally recognized developments around the world.
Rapid Mobilization and Start-upEstablished Doha-based consultants ready to go with existing offices, staff and project infrastructure already highly matured in place.
Depth of Resources and Reach Back CapabilitiesWith the support of affiliate companies and local networks of multiple on-the-ground teams supported by organizational depth and expertise. Scalable and flexible teams that can be tailored and adapted to each unique project opportunity.
Effective Management of Multiple / Concurrent Teams and TasksDe-Centralized, on-site, multi-disciplinary design teams under a centralized management and control structure.
Local Knowledge and Experience with Permitting, Approvals and Regulatory AuthoritiesProven experience with DC1 / DC2 approval process and longstanding working relationships with regulatory authorities.
Cost Control and Program ManagementOn-time, on-budget delivery through strict project controls and seasoned project managers.

Purpose, Mission, Vision & Values
To add value to the society for a better lifestyle
To lead in every industry we undertake
Thrive for sustainable value creation for the company’s stakeholders through an efficient infrastructure based on innovation, technology, efficiency, specialization, and positive work culture aiming for excellence.
Our Values
Leadership | Quality | People centricity | Integrity | Entrepreneurial Spirit | Teamwork | Accountability | Resilience
Guiding Principles
Promote Health and Safety | Develop Future Leaders | Customer-centric | Promote Diversity | Contribute to the Society Development | Drive Innovation | Exceed expectations | Perform with Agility
Message from the General manager

Over the years, IDCC has carried out challenging and ambitious projects that have tested our team’s collaboration, skill levels, hard work and resilience. As the company grew and developed, we have also realized our key strengths, utilizing our expertise to undertake successful works in line with the company’s purpose, mission and vision. As General Manager, I am truly proud to see this remarkable growth.
We have adopted the industry’s best-in-class practices to provide the highest quality of service for our clients within the development/design management and construction industry. We progressively reassessed our strategies, goals and technologies, to make use of appropriate and case specific design output for each project. We fostered great relationships with our customers and stakeholders, proven by our strong international and local portfolio.
Today, IDCC is a true one-stop shop, recognized for its world-class developments around the world. This achievement will not be realized without the unwavering support of our trusted employees, customers and business partners. We will continue to carry out what we have started, to contribute to the innovation of the industry, our society, and for future generations.
Omar Al Salihi
IDCC, General Manager